Тренинг в Москве 02.06.2016
Training in Smolensk 03.27.2016
Programm - I part
The first part of the workshop, the main program (basic level)

Doctors, dentists and students who participated in the workshop.

Intensity - high
The rate at which the video presentation held theoretical.

If you liked what he saw on the title slide show with photos from past workshops invite you to visit it next time.


Feedback from participants in a workshop on the rubber dam in Tbilisi 28.02.2016

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Review on rubberdam workshop

Review on rubberdam workshop

Review on rubberdam workshop

Review on rubberdam workshop

The workshop was a great example of that, regardless of borders and national standards, education and new knowledge can be a reliable communication between the dentist. For us, it was a serious test of strength and endurance, which we honorably withstood, providing pedagogically Safety testing of complex manual skills a large group of physicians for whom the Russian language is not native. This once again shows how important high visibility of presentations and flipcharts with printing renditions to the workshop.

Why choose us?

  • 100% attention to each participant
  • Complete sets of tools
  • Visual presentation video
  • The original workshop
  • An illustrative flip chart
  • Two trainers
  • On-line materials

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